About Us

While many food companies have started with traditional family recipes, The All-American Relish Company combined golf and good friends to add spice to a favorite tradition.

Lenny Herbert and Raj Lakhia had finished their usual 18-hole weekend round of golf on May 23, 2009, when Lenny invited Raj home for a simple cookout of hot dogs and hamburgers. Raj offered to bring a relish made from a Douglas family (his mother’s side of the family) recipe. Lenny, bowled over by the flavor, suggested that Raj consider making and selling the relish.

Together, the two men perfected the recipe (after many experimental batches) for a relish that would accompany a seemingly endless variety of dishes. A condiment for hot dogs and hamburgers? A favorite chip dip? A "secret" ingredient in casseroles and other entrees?

On December 23, 2009, The All-American Relish Company, became an official partnership between Lenny and Raj. Since Raj wanted to give credit to Lenny for initiating the idea and the experimentation, they decided to call the relish “Herbert’s Original Chow-Chow.” Their combined efforts have produced a delicously savory product that will bring together friends and family at parties and other meals — just as it brought together two friends with a shared purpose at that memorable cookout.