6-pack: 3 Original Chow-Chow + 3 Hot Chow-Chow

6-pack: 3 Original Chow-Chow + 3 Hot Chow-Chow
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Original Chow-Chow: The Herbert’s brand began with this delicious recipe, based on a family favorite. Drawing on the end-of-the season traditions from many cultures, Herbert’s Original Chow-Chow contains a perfect blend of spices and fresh vegetables, resulting in a savory and versatile relish. Whether you enjoy it as a dip or use it to enhance everyday dishes, you’ll find this chow-chow can do it all!

Hot Chow-Chow: Some like it hot, and some like it even hotter! That’s why we’ve taken our original recipe and added more heat and spice for an even zestier relish. Combine it with Herbert’s Original Chow-Chow to find the heat level that suits you best – then use it to add a little more spice to everything!

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